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Hindola Utsav Celebrations1st August - 1st SeptemberFlyer

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"Gopi Geet" 5 days katha by
P.P. Goswami 108 Shri Hariraiji Mahodayshri
Wed. 5th August - Sunday 9th AugustFlyerTemple
Janmashtami 5 days katha and celebrations by
P.P. Goswami 108 Shri Darshankumarji Mahodayshri
5 days katha from Wed. 2nd Sept - Sun 6th Sept
Actual Janmashtami midnight darshan on Sat. 5th Sept
Actual Nandmahotsav celebrations on Sun 6th Sept
More Details to FollowTemple
5 days talk and Yogic breathing excercises by
Murabi Rajenbhai vakil
Friday 11th Sept - Tues 15th SeptMore details to follow on the topic and excercses scheduleTemple




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