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Bay Area Youth Vaishnav Parivar (BAYVP) is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and has its own temple and Community center. Without the strong support and dedication of all the volunteers, it would be impossible to hold various events and the regular “satsangs” at their Milpitas facility and other venues. Volunteers contribute their time and use their talent to make programs like Diwali Annakut, Navratri, Holi, and Dhuleti celebrations, successful and enjoyable for its members. Shreemaya Vidya Mandir, a school run by the volunteers on every Sunday, is another great example of their dedication and efforts to promote Hindu culture and religious values to the coming generations. Truly, the volunteers help BAYVP to achieve its vision, “Building a Cultural Bridge between Generations.” They make it possible for the organization to stand true to its mission of inducing our culture and heritage in coming generations.

Importance of Volunteering:
There are various reasons why people volunteer. To name a few, humanitarian grounds, religious belief, personal satisfaction, giving back to the community, are some good examples. At BAYVP, you can volunteer to enrich your inner self and can satisfy the need of being able to help where it is truly needed. It encourages “Seva Bhav”: surrendering yourself to the Almighty by doing “seva.” It is also a social activity where you can connect with other people who share the same values and in the process make friends for life! It provides an opportunity to learn new things, take leadership roles, and become good decision makers. Most of all, it brings peace and mental satisfaction to oneself.

It is a parent’s duty to teach children to be compassionate and considerate. Volunteering is a good medium to instill these qualities in children. Our teenagers are encouraged to volunteer in the community to help them learn the way of life and give back to the community.

How to become a volunteer at BAYVP:
BAYVP hosts many programs during the year needs help in organizing and executing them. Help is needed in lots of areas and based on your interest, skill set, and time commitment, you can choose to join a regular team or help during the events.
Based on your availability, you can help with day to day activities or during large events. The SVM Team, Kitchen Team, Bhakti Kirtan Team, Decoration Team, and Administration /Finance team, take care of its day to day running, while the Event planning team organizes bigger cultural and religious events. You can get more information from the following link or can fill out the volunteer form on the website. Once you fill up the registration form your information will be forwarded to the Volunteer coordination team and you will be contacted based on your interest and time commitments.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to send your email to Ambrish Damani ambrishd@hotmail.com

Requirements to join as a Volunteer:

  • Be respectful to each other and to community members/guests
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be responsible and take responsibility for tasks assigned to you
  • Be dedicated to the task assigned
  • Be committed
  • Be flexible and ready to work in groups
  • Volunteer Registration Form
  • Feedback Form

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